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Mental Health – Different for Guys?

5 October 2017 Factual - Journalism

  Getting men to talk about mental health issues isn’t easy,  but Neil Laybourn and Jonny Benjamin MBE have made it their mission to start the conversation. The 2015 Channel 4 documentary ‘Stranger on The Bridge’  detailed Jonny’s search for the man who stopped him jumping off a bridge in London. Since then they have raised awareness via Samaritans.org, and other organisations by running marathons and simply talking and listening. 

Neil and Jonny came to BU in May 2017 and recorded this special discussion to share with new students. Expect advice, real experience and information on what you can do at BU and read their 5 bites of advice. 

Find out more about the many events and talks around World Mental Health Day on 10th October at Bournemouth University. 

If you feel you need support with your mental health or that of a friend, help is just a click away.  Click on the logos to find out more.

with : Neil Laybourn  / Jonny Benjamin MBE / Dr Andrew Mayers: Principal Lecturer, BU  and special thanks to Dr Colin Black, for words of wisdom from the studio. Producer/Presenter : Jo Tyler    (c) BIRSt 2017

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