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Jonny and Neil’s 5 bites of advice

5 October 2017 Features

(c) Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybour

From the podcast : 

  1. Be patient – don’t rush’ (Jonny) – take your time listening to someone who is unwell or struggling. 
  2. ‘I thought everyone was having the time of their lives’ (Jonny)– try not to compare your experience to everyone else.
  3. ‘Like a typical guy I kept my feelings to myself’ (Neil). Guys can talk, find your confidante (male or female!).
  4. ‘Finding your people’ (Jonny) who will listen – by email, whatsapp or text if that works for you.  Avoid peer pressure, you’ll be respected for being yourself.

             5.  ‘Just check in – If you think somebody may need help – just ask the question’ (Neil)


Know where to go for advice – staff and online resources at BU and outside.  


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